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钢定制配件,主要材料是以不锈钢304,316,316L , 914,类似抛锚,排气板,泳梯,扬声器罩/喇叭盖,索栓/牛角,门,较链门较,合页,扣件,扶手,排气管,排气装置,玻璃支架,桌子,椅子,橱柜,拉紧器,手摇绞车等不锈钢组件。



Our manufactory located in China, Guangdong Province Jiangmen City and in Malaysia, Penang. We are a multinational company.

Our company was established in year 2004, and factory has total 6000 sqm. We are manufactured with stainless steel 304,316,316L,914 and specialise in the production of custom fabricated stainless steel parts for marine, automotive, furniture, and building industries; such like anchor roller, vents, ladders, speaker cover, deck cleat, gates, hingers, handrails, exhaust tips, mounting brackets, table & chair, cabinets, hand puller strap, and so on SS components.Because of this our production capabilities enable us to produce components on a custom level as well as on a multiple run production level. As so, we are one of biggest and best marine and furniture hardware suppliers in Guangdong province.

Our commitment to maintain this excellence allows us to keep our quality and customer satisfaction as top priority. Total quality is driving force behind all our manufacturing processes. 

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